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Welcome to Sammamish Dog Walking and Pet Care Services
We serve the North End of the Sammamish Plateau. For services in Redmond, Washington, we suggest
Sammamish Dog Walking is dedicated to providing the best care to your family pets. We offer services for both dogs and cats. Our approach to all animals is: Be kind, gentle, compassionate (especially in the older years), fun, playful, and tuned in to each pet.
We offer a 30 or 45 minute leash walks in your neighborhood as well as pet sitting for both dogs and cats.
If you work or just want to be sure your dog is getting some exercise and extra attention during the week then this may be the perfect situation for you. We are a dedicated service focusing on personal one-on-one time with your pet. We do not offer off leash walks, as the safety of your pet is always priority to us.
Our pet sitting service includes feeding your pet/pets, litter box cleaning, backyard potty breaks for dogs, bringing in mail, watering plants and any small extra things that you may need done.  Of course, we always want to make time to love our furry friends, belly rubs and some play time is priority.   We do not overbook ourselves so we always have plenty of time to spend with each of our pet kids!
The owner, Leslie, has her own dogs which are all seniors, one being blind, so she is very experienced with those special dogs that need a little extra help.
Annette has one very sweet dog and four mischievous cats.  With that, she brings a wealth of experience with her visits. 
Together, Leslie and Annette make a perfect team.  They share a deep love of animals and are totally dedicated to their dog and kitty clients!


Phone: 425 868-1709

State of Washington Master
License Number: 603 189 673

Insured and Bonded through
Pet Sitters Associates

"No matter how talented, rich or intelligent you are....
How you treat animals tells me all I need to know about you."  Raychal Backland

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